A human being lives on the earth in a state of complete balance at a frequency of 6,500 Å (Armstrong, the balance of earth’s frequency) and whatever variation entails an imbalance that can lead to disease in the medium-term. We absorb energy in various ways, from breathing, eating and drinking, and draw it from the earth and the sky as well; as long as it freely flows through our whole being, permeating all of our organs, we are perfectly healthy. Problems arise when our body interacts with lower frequencies of energy (e.g. certain foods or drinks, certain kinds of clothing or places, etc.). Our energies act as communicating vessels with the outside energies. Life repeatedly brings us face to face with situations that deprive us of the energy that we need to live at our best; this, in the long run, might lead to disease.
We think that, underneath any kind of disease, there is a block in energy flow due to trauma, which, besides being both physical and mental, psychological, etc., is, above all, emotional. This blocking decreases the energy flow in the organ corresponding to the memory associated to the trauma (as we memorize in the whole body, not in the brain only), actually leading to a lack of well-being.

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At the base of a malaise there is an energy blockage due to some trauma, physical psychological or emotional. Through tables you can find out what are your strong points and those in need of rebalancing.


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