The Method



Our alive physical body is driven by an energy structure that oversees it and is invisible to most humans, but is made up of real and vital force or subtle energy. This structure, which is made up of informed energy fields and that we call the etheric body or subtle body is the "mind" and the memory that organizes and guides the physical body, its organs, its systems. The etheric body also oversees the states of consciousness, emotions, thoughts and creativity. When the information of its fields are the original, we are healthy and full of well-being. When the information is distorted, they appear unpleasant symptoms, discomfort and eventually disease. The universe is permeated with subtle energy (the interstellar and intergalactic) and also the huge void between the nucleus and electrons in the atom is full of subtle energy, more is produced from every field of dense energy (electricity, magnetism, light, heat, gravity, etc.) as well as all living things. We are surrounded by a huge number of energy dense, each of which can have a profound effect on our subtle energy body and, therefore, on our physical and mental health, and these are also produced by all electronic equipment, in some cases from planet itself and also by sick bodies. It is important for us to live in an environment as clean as possible by not suited energy, and the vegetation, the earth, the sun and the cosmos provide us with lots of subtle energy; trees in particular help us by cleaning congested energy turning them into pure energies and revitalizing: energy not only physical but also mental and astral. We remain alive and vital through these inexhaustible energy sources that if they are missing cause to us depression, fatigue and illness in the long run.


According to various ancient traditions and studies of scientists from the last century, as well as to theories and scientific publications such as Radionics, Dowsing and the latest discoveries of Quantum Physics, the physical body with all of its systems, organs, cells, etc., works with information, which are normally encoded in frequencies, and with the right information, they supervise the specific parts of the body providing all of the relevant information. If the information in the in-formed energy fields informed or morphic fields are altered for some reason, these incorrect frequencies will affect the physical body causing imbalance, eventually leading to disease. These "Frequencial Remedy Programs" are used by resonance: just like a tuner uses the frequency of a tuning fork to tune the instrument’s frequencies to better harmonize the sounds, so these instruments, which consist of frequency waves, are used to restore the right vibrations in the in-formed energy fields informed that supervise the physical body and its various organs


The purpose of these "Frequencial Remedy Programs" is to correct the information that for some reason have been corrupted, in the morphic fields supervising the body, in order to block the incorrect information and restore the appropriate ones, that will drive the systems, organs or cells so as to make a healthy, regular life possible.


The functioning of the body is the same for everybody according to one’s age group. It is important to maintain the body as healthy and balanced as possible to lead a peaceful and happy life. Traumas, whatever their nature, cause energy blocking, which affects the morphic fields modifying information, and this, in turn, affects the physical field ground causing discomfort and eventually illness. Through a regular use of these "Frequencial Remedy Programs" the field frequencies are kept in balance, and, consequently, the physical body is balanced as well.


The procedure is simple: if you are familiar with Dowsing and Radionics you can use your usual instrument, and test the codes that you regard as useful for you. If you are a sensitive person and can communicate with your own subconscious, then you can rely on your feelings or your usual methods to find the right codes. If you have not developed any particular intuitive talent, then you can resort to the AK test, which is explained in the "Intuitive System" section. If you want to try and reach the Theta frequency and stimulate your hidden potential, the same section will give you advice on how to do it.


The "Frequencial Remedy Programs" work to restore balance in the in-formed fields, which supervise the physical fields: they are the normal, natural frequencies of those fields. If the field is perturbed, they bring it back to balance, if it is stable, instead, it can be strengthen, but never weakened, by them. The "Frequencial Remedy Programs" can be compared to prayers, as they can only do good. Each program refers to a specific morphic field of an organ or system, and, in case you make the wrong choice, it will at least work for the benefit of the organ corresponding to the selected program. So no problems or side effects, even if you make the wrong choice!