We are at the beginning of the third millennium and most physicists have finally acknowledged that all is energy and vibration: everything is considered to be in-formed vibrational energy. Our body and, consequently, our organs and systems are made of in-formed energy that vibrates at different frequencies, which may either increase or decrease depending on our state of health, the onset of an infection or disease or a lack/stagnation of energy flow. A human being lives on the earth in a state of complete balance at a frequency of 6,500 Å (Ångström, the balance of earth’s frequency) and whatever variation entails an imbalance that can lead to disease in the medium-term. We absorb energy in various ways, from breathing, eating and drinking, and draw it from the earth and the sky as well; as long as it freely flows through our whole being, permeating all of our organs, we are perfectly healthy. Problems arise when our body interacts with lower frequencies of energy (e.g. certain foods or drinks, certain kinds of clothing or places, etc.). Our energies act as communicating vessels with the outside energies. Life repeatedly brings us face to face with situations that deprive us of the energy that we need to live at our best; this, in the long run, might lead to disease. We think that, underneath any kind of disease, there is a block in energy flow due to trauma, which, besides being both physical and mental, psychological, etc., is, above all, emotional. This blocking decreases the energy flow in the organ corresponding to the memory associated to the trauma (as we memorize in the whole body, not in the brain only), actually leading to a lack of well-being. Medicine as a science, both Western and Eastern, does not heal but rebalances the body, or eliminates what’s not good for it, then the human body heals by itself. Drugs, according to Homeopathy as well, are essentially active ingredients that, like everything else, consist of specific frequencies that are introduced in the human body and tend to rebalance the energy congested in the organ / system. This also applies to Oriental medicine that, through the stimulation of various parts of the body surface, is capable of influencing the energy flow to the concerned organs so as to balance the organism itself, so that the energy inherent in a person, blocked by a lack of external energy, can be as effective as possible and help the process of healing. It should be also observed that our subconscious, which is in charge of our self-preservation, is both powerful and "ignorant": it knows exactly what happens in our bodies and minds and can undoubtedly help us understand what’s good for us and what’s not, and what is needed to restore balance. Since everything is in-formed frequency and our illnesses or diseases are due energy and frequency problems (shortage, block, congested energy, etc.), why don’t we use frequencies to change or correct information in the in-formed fields of the various organs and systems ? The frequencies of the "Frequencial Remedy System" have been studied on the basis of these assumptions, which you can find in the website and use to improve both your life and that of your beloved ones (including your pets, of course!) ATTN: as you’ll discover by exploring the website, our subconscious can help us choose what’s best for us.


It is neither therapy nor drugs, but just a new system to improve one’s health. It is based on Radionics and the latest discoveries of quantum physics as well as on frequency medicine. It works in the informing areas of body structures by correcting the energy information that have been corrupted, thus restoring balance and allowing the body to repair itself. MULTI-FREQUENCY CATALYST PROGRAMS, WORKING IN THE INFORMING AREAS TO BLOCK ERRONEOUS CELLULAR MEMORIES AND RESTORE CORRECT MEMORIES. Neuronal reprogramming is actually genetic engineering, operating through information frequencies


These programs can be used by anyone and have no side effects. Since they use frequencies working on informing planes preceding the physical body, they do not have any direct influence on the latter. Corrections to information frequencies on the etheric plane are then absorbed by the physical plane (the body), which adjusts itself to the new information just in case it proves to be correct and compatible. Since the transmission from the etheric field to the physical one is slow, and any possible physical pathology is formed in the etheric field before shifting to the physical one, the "Frequencial Remedy System" programs appear to be very useful as a means of prevention and they should be regularly used for this purpose.