Use of Frequencies


There are several ways to use "Clean" and "Energy" as well as to reorganize the in-formed fields. After a meeting, for example, you should wipe off the non-positive energies that have been produced in times of tension. You also sometimes should clean the place where you live as well as your pets. You should always clean the food you bring home and recharge it with energy. Students should get used to cleaning themselves right after school or the gym, or when leaving other places, in which they might be charged of congested energy.


Using the "Frequencial Remedy Programs" is very easy. You can do it as follows (but feel free to choose how to use them, anyway): Let’s premise that in order to use the various boxes you shall cooperate with your unconscious, who knows you very well and also knows all of your weaknesses and imbalances. If you are not familiar with this kind of adventure, firstly read the various systems, which you can use in the "Intuitive System" section, and then use what you consider to be the easiest or the most suitable for you. There is also a brief course to learn how to use of the pendulum in the "Intuitive System" section.

1) download box A, print it and check whether there is balance or not in the various areas. In particular, check the overall energy level and whether there are congested energies to delete

2) if you find any congested energies, download the "congested energy" box, look for the interfering energies and delete them by using the suitable program. Once the congested energies interfering with the proper functioning of the organism have been eliminated, recheck both the balance in the various areas and the energy level (it is very likely that the situation you are checking now has already improved a lot!)

3) always check through the "congested energies" box whether everything is in balance; if it were not so, check whether there are other situations to delete or repeat the programs

4) download the "organs" box and check whether everything is in balance, and whether one or more information fields of an organ need some intervention

5) check the organs and systems that are not in balance (both in + and in -)

6) use the appropriate programs to restore balance where there isn’t any

7) always check through the "organs" box whether everything is in balance, and if it were not so, check whether there are other situations to balance or repeat the programs

8) recheck, using the A box, whether everything has been rebalanced.

9) download the "systems" box and check as usual whether everything is in balance and at its fullest energy level; if your intervention is needed, you shall use the same system.

10) when everything is in balance, download the "energies" box and check what type of energy the organs or systems you have dealt with lack and, accordingly, use the suitable program to recharge of energy what you have dealt with.
11) should you find somewhere any lack of balance, download the "Programs" box and use the suitable programs to restore balance.

The process is over.
You may want to repeat the procedure frequently, as the places where you are or go through, the people you meet or whatever, can (very often or, rather, nearly always) charge you with congested energy, not fitting your frequencies. Frequencies purchased on Frequencial Remedy not have audio, it does not mean that the file is empty, damaged or non-working. The frequencies are not audible to the human ear, but that does not mean they are not effective. Some frequencies are also available in a version with music, but that is only superimposed on the true frequency, and it has no influence on the effectiveness of frequencies.


It is normal to clean out a place to make room for what we bring back home. If a system or organ is unbalanced or suffering, it means that the energy does not flow as it is supposed to and its corresponding morphic field contains incorrect information due to a lot of reasons, especially traumas of various kinds but, above all, emotional ones. If the information in the morphic fields is distorted, before you enter the correct information you shall neutralize and remove the incorrect one. In order to properly use the "Frequencial Remedy Program", you shall firstly remove all the congested, non-positive energies from the morphic fields, and, secondly, use the "organs" box and look for the correct frequencies to reactivate the right balance. It is very likely that after the cleaning, which is an important starting point, all the rest comes into balance as well.


The time period for using the "Frequencial Remedy Program" mainly depend on a person’s way of living: namely lifestyle (stressful or otherwise), places (crowded venues, etc.), diet (eating at home or at restaurants, healthy food or otherwise), and all those situations that might lead to imbalance. It also depends on the results obtained after the first re-balancing. You shall check the first phase a few days after the first rebalancing and, in case a further intervention is not needed, follow it up every one or two weeks, provided that, should a problem occur, an intervention might be useful. It is ultimately useful to keep the morphic fields in balance as a means of prevention, since the transmission from the latter to the organs and systems of the physical body needs some time depending on the person>